Natividad Foundation is an essential partner to Natividad Hospital, providing funding for financial and program resources to patients in Monterey County. TMD worked closely with the Natividad team on developing a website that would stand out from other health care sites. Featuring warm photography and a bright color palette, the new site’s navigation makes it easy for users to learn more about the foundation’s mission and programs.

Natividad Foundation funds critical programs, from wellness classes on trauma and diabetes prevention to prenatal and postpartum support for mothers. Every program page ends with a tailored call-to-action inspiring users to make a donation to that specific fund.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new website, which represents a significant milestone in our mission to bring people together to strengthen Natividad and create a healthier community. As we celebrate 35 years, we invite visitors to immerse themselves in our transformed digital home, where they can learn about our impactful initiatives, and join us in making a meaningful difference in the community we call home.”

Yadira Hobby, Director of Annual Programs, Natividad Foundation

The Natividad logo is used as a repeated design element throughout the website, the mountain peaks serving as a subtle reminder of the foundation’s mission in supporting a healthier community. The redesigned website has also earned recognition from the Communicator Awards, the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals.

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