Civic & Issues Consulting

A winning ballot measure, campaign or tackling major civic issues is not one that spends the most money. A winning campaign is determined by how well the candidate, committee or governing body can influence their voters and stakeholders to support them or their issue. 

The professional strategists at TMD are skilled political and issues strategists/consultants, and we can help you get over the finish line victoriously. Our strategists advise the campaign committees, candidates, and governing bodies on how best to engage with stakeholders to win. 

TMD’s consultants will give solid input on ad and media strategy, creative, social media and spends, help with opposition assessments and also help direct your GOTV (media) efforts.

The bottom line is, picking the right consultant for your campaign is important. TMD’s record is second to none on the Central Coast, and if our interests align, we would be delighted to accompany you towards victory.  

Campaigns we've helped include:

Superior Court Seats
Board of Supervisors
District Attorney
City Council Seats
Mayoral Seats
School Board Trustees
Ballot Measures
Sheriff's Seats

Issues we've tackled include:

COVID-19 Education & Awareness
Child Abuse
Foster Care and Adoption
Access to Healthcare
Meeting needs of underserved populations
Environmental issues
Water Conservation & Desalination

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