CA International Airshow


The California International Airshow Salinas showcases world-class aviation while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for local charities.


This special event attracts close to 50,000 spectators annually who get to experience the top military and civilian aviation cut through the sky as well as jaw-dropping ground acts. The organization’s leaders wanted to grow the show to not only attract more spectators and younger crowds, but also attract more sponsors for the show and as a result, raise more money for charity.


Taking inspiration from the young generation’s love for music, the web video was based around a catchy rap song.

The California International Airshow

The California International Airshow is a major event here on the Central Coast. TMD has been working with the airshow for many years, producing their website, commercials, and print collateral. This particular commercial shows the thrill of flying from the perspective of the pilot — this series of spots led to record attendance levels at the event.


You will want to keep an eye on the sky when the United States Air Force perform at the California International Airshow, along with other outstanding aviators.

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